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MAKE IT // Better Popcorn

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm sorry, but I have to say it: microwave popcorn is nasty. If it's not covered with a film of fake butter and salt, then it tastes like cardboard. (Y'all know I'm right.)

In my "sheltered" world before college, I didn't know that people made their own popcorn. For all I knew, it grew in little paper packages. It wasn't until a roommate started buying her own kernels and popping them on our stovetop that I discovered what I'd been missing... heaven.

Now in the world of Piepmeyer, stovetop popcorn is a regular occurrence (especially when Modern Family's on! Cliche, I know.)

Tonight, I'd like to share my tactics for the best popcorn eva... Make it. Eat it. You'll want more, I swear.

STEP ONE: Fill the bottom (and only the bottom) of your favorite pot with kernels. Each of the kernels should have ample access to the bottom of the pot. Pour canola oil (not olive oil, not coconut oil... canola oil) over the kernels so that it just covers them.

STEP TWO: Turn your stovetop on high.

STEP THREE: Once the first kernel pops, start shaking the pot. Keep shaking until all (or most) of the kernels have popped.

STEP FOUR: Pour the popcorn into a bowl and lightly dust with salt. Shake the bowl so the salt mixes with the popcorn. Lightly salt, and shake, again.

Voila! Instant happiness. Enjoy!

{photos by us}


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